Getting to Know Europe

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268580012_078e8e9fe2_oThe European Union Center has been awarded three Getting to Know Europe grants from the Delegation of the European Union to the United States. Getting to Know Europe calls for programs that promote greater knowledge and understanding of the EU in the US.


One Getting to Know Europe grant is current and valid from 2015-2017. During this time, the EUC will expand many of its flagship outreach programs, including: EU Day; the Transatlantic Educators Dialogue; Euro Challenge; the annual EU Studies Academic and Outreach Conference; and the Master of Arts in EU Studies study tour to Washington DC. Additionally, a new annual Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership roundtable panel with discussants from the European Chicago consular corps will debate and investigate the benefits of a free trade agreement between the EU and the US.



Getting to Know Europe 2015-2017


Year One

Event Press and Media
Visit from Former MEP, Michael McGowan (October 29, 2015) and EU Studies Conference Roundtable (October 30, 2015)



  • “Testing the Limits of the EU–Greece, the Economy, and Refugee Crisis (video)
  • EUC e-Weekly: October 26-30 (webpage)
  • EU Studies Conference October 2015 (website)
  • “Video: Roundtable: Testing the Limits of the EU–Greece, the Economy, and Refugee Crisis” (EUC Blog)
  • “Former MEP Michael McGowan’s Visit to the European Union Center” by Neil Vander Most (EUC Blog)
  • “Testing the Limits of the EU–Greece, the Economy, and Refugee Crisis” by Carlo Di Giulio (EUC Blog)
  • “An EU Centre in the Heart of the USA” by Michael McGowan for the March 2016 edition of the Bulletin of the European Parliament Former Members Association (Bulletin webpage-Translations available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish)
Transatlantic Educator’s Dialogue (TED) (Spring 2016)



  • TED Flyer (pdf)
  • Teachers’ Corner-“Transatlantic Educator’s Dialogue (TED) Series” by Lindsay Ozburn, Weeks 1-8 (Blog Archive)
EU Day (February 29, 2016)



  •  “State of the European Union Address” (video)
  • EU Day 2016 Poster (pdf)
  • EU Day 2016 Press Release (docx)
  • “EU Day 2016-Student Meeting” by Raphaela Berding (EUC Blog)
  • “EU Day 2016-Resolving Refugee Crisis Highlights Dutch EU Presidency Goals” by Matt Vanderzalm (EUC Blog)
  • EUC e-Weekly: February 29-March 4 (webpage)
DC Study Tour (March 21-24, 2016)


3_22 Meeting EU in the US with Tim Riviera

  •  “EUC Washington DC Trip 2016: Part One” by Andrew Schwenk (EUC Blog)
  • “EUC Washington DC Trip 2016: Part Two” by Bethany Glock (EUC Blog)
  • “EUC Washington DC Trip 2016: Part Three” by Raphaela Berding (EUC Blog)
  • “EUC Washington DC Trip 2016: Part Four” by Illias Bolaris (EUC Blog)
  • “EU Washington DC Trip 2016: Part Five” by Emma Duan (EUC Blog)
EU on the Road (April 8, 2016)



  •  “TTIP & Ag Polices – with Damien Levie, EU Trade Negotiator” on WILL Radio by Todd Gleason (recording)
  • “The Future of Transatlantic Relations: Trade, Agriculture, and Politics” by Carlo Di Giulio (EUC Blog)
Euro Challenge (April 19, 2016)



  • Euro Challenge Brochure (pdf)
  • “York Euro Challenge Team Tops Midwest Region, Heads to Nationals in New York” by Katherine Schroeder (article)
Regional EU Tour (April 26, 2016)



  • “Opportunity in European Union Studies: A Talk with Dr. Neil Vander Most” Flyer (picture)








Additional Media Outreach

  •  “U.K. Votes to Leave EU”- June 24, 2016 WBEZ radio interview with Maxime H. A. Larivé, Ph.D.; Gus Noble, president of Chicago Scots; and Alexandria Innes, a lecturer in international relations at the University of East Anglia (recording)
  • “Illinoisan Reacts to Bastille Day Attack in Nice, France”- July 2016 21st Show radio interview with Maxime H.A. Larivé, Ph.D. (recording)
  • “French President Renews State Of Emergency In France”-  July 15, 2016 WBEZ radio interview with Maxime H.A. Larivé, Ph.D. (recording)

All requirements for the previous two grants have now been completed. The first project, “Illinois and the EU: From Coal to Corn,” administered in 2008-2009, explored the multi-faceted economic, social, cultural, and environmental connections between the state of Illinois and the EU through study tours, conferences, and digital media. Then in 2011-2012, the second project, “Illinois and the EU: Seeking Sustainable and Secure Connections in Food, Energy and Governance” continued to examine the relationship between Illinois and the EU through the lens of both government and private-sector sustainability initiatives in the agricultural and energy industries.