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There are five “tracks” that MAEUS students can pursue in order to form a coherent plan of study. Regardless of the chosen track, coursework must come from at least three different academic units. The five tracks are:


Business, Economics and Trade

Students build expertise in the EU’s management of (among other issues) corporate governance, business cultures, trade agreements, and development aid.


Culture, Society and Education

Gender equality, educational standardization, and language policy are a few examples of the many topics within the social science and humanities disciplines that students might explore.


Globalization and Security

This track merges security, broadly defined, with understandings of globalization, allowing students to explore the complex interactions between EU integration/enlargement and global insecurities.


Governance and Institutions

The EU presents a constantly evolving and increasingly dense institutional landscape, providing fruitful ground for explorations of multi-level governance. Students may investigate topics such as administrative and policy networks, EU federalism, supranational legislative processes, and cooperation between the EU and other international organizations on matters of global governance.


Self-Directed Study

The self-directed study track allows students to pursue a particular EU or transatlantic topic of their choosing from an interdisciplinary perspective. Examples of potential topical areas include environmental policy, media, journalism, public health, or science and innovation policy.


For potential courses and example plans of study, please consult the 2016-2017 MAEUS Handbook.


For information on courses available during the current semester, please visit our Current Courses page.