Module One-Transatlantic Trust in Agriculture and Food Trade

field-196173_1920The first project, “Transatlantic Trust in Agriculture and Food Trade” leverages the UI’s extensive agricultural expertise to explore food standards in both the EU and the US, particularly with a focus on trade treaties such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The transatlantic relationship is arguably at its strongest in this realm of economic cooperation. Both the US and EU are each other’s largest trading partners, with a total trade value of more than € 517 billion ($ 565 billion) in 20141, accounting for more than 40% of global trade2 leading to an exceptionally free movement of goods and services.


However, trade and safety standards of agricultural products remain an area of contention. Particularly in Europe, there are concerns about the trustworthiness of American agricultural practices such as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). In the US, the cultural clauses can affect the integration of the European market.


This work package discusses and debates the consequences effects of these such disagreements on the transatlantic relationship, and delves into the tradition, ritual, and legal aspects surrounding food production and consumption in both the US and EU. To this end, this work package develops synergies between expert faculty from the Departments of Agricultural and Consumer Economics (ACES), Law, Sociology, and Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.


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2. European Commission (2016). How TTIP Would Affect You.