Module Three-Transatlantic Trust in Migration and Movement of People

4564484466_4387230a83_zThe third work package “Transatlantic Trust in Migration and Movement of People” tackles a contemporary policy challenge and focuses on what the EU and US can learn from one another’s political responses. Free movement of people and labor directly stimulates business, tourism, and the pooling of expertise to the benefit of both the EU and US. This protected zone of free movement is also based upon the trust that other governments will satisfactorily protect this channel of migration against individuals that do not legally have access to it.


This work project critically explores the process and consequences of individuals traveling to the EU and US from their countries of origins, or the politics of mobility within the EU, especially with respect to minorities and migrant labor. It comprehensively evaluates minority, immigrant, and indigenous experiences from the Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe, the Arctic, and the Americas, and puts these into a transatlantic perspective. By leveraging the experiences of multiple countries and ethnic groups, this work package addresses how to accommodate large, culturally distinct groups of individuals and establish an atmosphere of trust necessary to establish cohesive governance units at the domestic and regional levels.


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