Conversation on Transatlanticism and Europe (CEURO)


The Conversation on Transatlanticism and Europe (CEURO) project is a unique academic experience that brings together students and scholars involved with two Jean Monnet Centers of Excellence: the European Union Center (EUC) at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and the Center for European Studies (CES) at KU Leuven (Grant Agreement: 2017-2780/001-001).


The two centers will offer a synchronous joint course taught by instructors on both sides of the Atlantic; a Spring School, in which students can attend a week of lectures, seminars, and other activities in person at their partner institution; and roundtables and workshops scheduled to coincide with the Spring School, which will also be open to the public. As the project goes on, there will also be resources created by participating students and scholars, including a multimedia blog, an interactive map, and an interdisciplinary textbook on transatlantic relations, offered as an ebook.


For more on the people who make CEURO possible, meet our faculty and staff. For more on CEURO education opportunities, see the links below.



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