Degree Options


Quad Day

There are several options for completing a Master of Arts in European Studies.


2-Year MAEUS


The MAEUS is a versatile degree, and it can be completed in a number of different ways. The standard 2-year MAEUS usually involves an indepdentent research and thesis option—over 90% or students to date have completed a thesis—as well as a period in Europe and intensive language study.


Joint Degree


It is possible to combine the MAEUS with a range of other graduate degrees, including an MBA through a campus blanket agreement, and via petition with degrees such as Law. For more information on these opportunities, contact the EUC directly at


Accelerated Degree


For students on an accelerated schedule, it is possible to complete the MAEUS in 15 or 18 months. Students who pursue this option are usually admitted with advanced language competency and aim to complete all course requirements in one academic year, with a thesis remaining to be completed in the subsequent years. Though it takes careful planning to pursue this option without the thesis component, it is possible. To explore if this option is right for you, please consult early and extensively with the MAEUS graduate advisor at