Call for Abstracts

Types of presentations

1. Paper presentations (20 minutes); the presenter submits an abstract of 250-350 words by June 13, and later a written paper of 3000-4000 words (max 10 pages including images and references)

            Panels of 3-4 related papers are particularly welcomed. In this case, besides the abstracts for each of the papers, the submission should include an introduction of 50 words in which the goal of the panel and the relation among the papers is explained. One single panelist should make the submission for the whole group by June 13

 2. Reports on progress in the field (10 minutes); the presenter submits an abstract of 125-200 words by June 13, and a power point or an outline before the conference

3. Poster presentations; the presenter submits and abstract of 200 words by June 13, and an outline before the conference

Abstract submission

Submit the abstracts for all the above types of presentations as an email attachment in one single document in which you include: 

a) type of presentation 

b) title of presentation (and panel) 

c) abstract of presentation (see length above) 

d) short bio with your job title, affiliation, and experience 

to ALL these addresses:   ---- Put as email subject "FEL 25 abstract"