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There are several airlines that have Tirana as their destination: Lufthansa, Austrian, Tui, Alitalia (now ITA), Turkish Air, Greek airlines (Pegasus, Aegean)

There are also small-budget flights by: Wizz Air, Alba-wings, Air Albania

Tirana is the Albanian capital

TIA – Tirana International Airport or “Mother Theresa” Airport is the main airport of Tirana and Albania

The local currency is Albanian Lek (ALL)

[But in some places, especially in hotels, prices are in Euros. In such places you can choose to pay in Lek or Euros.]

The exchange rate:

1 Euro = 121 ALL

1 US dollar = 105.2 ALL

1 GBP = 143.5 ALL

There are many ATMs and Exchange points with reasonable rates in Tirana center.

Attention: colloquially Albanians use the "Old Lek", but the financial operations occur in "New Lek"; 10 New Lek = 100 Old Lek

Travel from the airport to the city center:

Public Bus – there is a bus service, running every hour, from 08.00 till 24.00. The bus rate is 300 ALL (about 2.5 euros) –

There are also taxis lined up and licensed right outside of the departures and arrivals. The taxi fare is about 30 euros. It is about 30-minute drive (20 km from Tirana)



Some hotels in Tirana

Hotel Monark 

Rooms: 60 euro/night; (breakfast included)

Tel. 00355 4 227 4511

 Hotel Oxford 

Rooms: 50 euro /per night (breakfast included)

Tel.  00355 4 22 55 937;  00355 4 22 55 936


 Hotel Brilant Antik 

Rooms: 48 euro /per night (breakfast included)

Tel 00355 4 225 1166

 Hotel Relax (budget)

2 -3 persons – 25 euro in total per night (1 single bed + 1 double bed) – no breakfast included

Near University campus (15 -20 min walk from the city center)

Hotel Iliria

56 euros/night with breakfast – (50 euros without breakfast)

Tel. 00355 684027112; 00355 4 237 1700;


 Economical accommodation

Hotel Italia

Rooms for 2 persons – 20 euro both/night – no breakfast included

Rooms for 3 persons – 25 euro total /per night

Tel. 0035 4 23 726 36; 00355 682225207


 Hotel Studenti

25 euro – 2 persons/per night

Tel. 00355 69 35 85 045;  00355 68 40 85 045


You can also find more information on



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Museums and points of cultural interest:

Dining locations:

Night bars:

Trip to Shkodra – on 19 December 2021 (this is planned as part of the conference - fee paid separately while in Tirana): see the Conference Social Program page

Optional trip to Pogradec-Korcë-Voskopoja (before or after the conference) - this is towards the South-East Albania: if we know ahead of time about your individual interest in this excursion, we might work towards creating a group packet ahead of your arrival. (below are some links about these three towns)


Attractions –

Restaurants in Voskopoja




Most of the participants should not have an issue coming to Albania. Information on entry/visa regime can be found on

Visa application can be done through  or

The whole procedure is online, not through the Albanian embassy. The approval is also online. You may print the visa confirmation or have it on your cell phone.

Regarding the visa application, each participant should request a letter from FEL that conforms your participation in the conference. QSPA Center, will parallelly contact the Albanian immigration authorities to confirm the participation and the invitation to the FEL 25 conference. Together with the required documents and FEL conference invitation, the visa applicant must also include the hotel reservation. You may consult this webpage for information on accommodation in Tirana. You may also contact our center for assistance:

Edmond Cane - Cell & Whatsapp: 00355 69 30 42 631


Visa fee – Albania usually applies reciprocity regarding visa fees. The payment is made online.

The list of documents required for the visa procedure must be uploaded. The original documents are kept by the person himself/herself.

QSPA Center is in touch with the Immigration Police and will assist you through the procedure. For any questions that comes up, please contact:

Contact person: Edmond Cane

Cell & WhatsApp: 00355 69 30 42 631