Transatlantic Educators Dialogue Program (TED)

Transatlantic Educator Dialogue
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What is the Transatlantic Educators Dialogue (TED) Program?

The Transatlantic Educators Dialogue (TED) Program is a one of a kind opportunity for educators in the United States and Europe to come together online for shared exploration and examination of a variety of educational topics, such as global collaboration, supporting diverse learning needs, parental involvement, and technology in the classroom.

TED represents a unique experience in educational diplomacy and facilitates the exploration of new and diverse cultures. It is also a fantastic chance to build networks with fellow educators and foster global learning opportunities. 2024 marks the 15th year of the Transatlantic Education Dialogue program and we are excited to welcome a new cohort of teachers into the TED alumni network.

If you have participated in the TED program in the past, please consider applying for the TED Fellows Program (Click here for more information).

Who is involved with TED?

A total of 35-40 educators in the United States and Europe will be involved.

Participants may be current teachers, pre-service teacher education students, school administrators, graduate students, and education faculty.

Where does TED meet?

Participants can participate anywhere they are located, provided they have access to the internet. Program sessions are synchronous; group collaborations and discussion board responses take place asynchronously. TED focuses on collaboration and dialogue. This is at the forefront of everything we do.

Synchronous sessions take place weekly for ninety minutes using Zoom. This online application enables registered participants to simultaneously communicate with classmates by using microphones connected to their computers, typing into a shared chat-rooms, and using webcams and other capabilities to upload videos and picture images. Technical support for the program is provided by the University of Illinois's College of Education.

Prior to each weekly session, participants will respond to thematic essential questions to initiate the conversations and represent diverse U.S. and European perspectives on the weekly topics. Articles, videos, and various other resources will be shared throughout the course.

Participants can share resources with other participants, post comments on topic-specific forums, and send messages to other participants.

Participants will be meeting on-line once a week for 90 minutes: Sundays (January 14, 2024-March 18, 2024) 12:00-1:30 pm (U.S. Central Time Zone), 5:00-6:30 pm (Greenwich Mean Time). 

Why participate in TED?

  • Learn about educational systems and realities in diverse cultural and policy contexts
  • Network with transatlantic counterparts
  • Access to opportunities for career development, professional reflection, and growth, acknowledged in an official capacity at the end of the program
  • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills, with a focus on making connections between current events and material covered in our discussions
  • Share experiences with other educators, maintain connections with other participants, and have your students engage in online classroom exchanges
  • Upon successful completion of the program, all participants will receive a Certification of Completion indicating the number of program hours (15). 
  • Illinois teachers interested in receiving Professional Development Hours (PDH) from the University of Illinois for this program must contact the program coordinator in advance. U.S. teachers not from Illinois may use this program to register for professional development credit in their home states. 

How much does TED cost?

There is no application fee for TED. Please submit your application using the online application form available here.

TED 2023 Schedule of Sessions

Please double-check the session start time for your time zone here.


January 14, 2024, 12 P.M. CST (U.S.) / 19.00 CET (Europe)


January 21, 2024, 12 P.M. CST (U.S.) / 19.00 CET (Europe)

U.S. and European Schools: Similarities and Differences


January 28, 2024, 12 P.M. CST (U.S.) / 19.00 CET (Europe)

Global Collaborations: How Do We Get Started?

February 4, 2024, 12 P.M. CST (U.S.) / 19.00 CET (Europe)

Best Tech Week

February 11, 2024, 12 P.M. CST (U.S.) / 19.00 CET (Europe)

Socratic Discussion Week

February 18, 2024, 12 P.M. CST (U.S.) / 19.00 CET (Europe)

Triad Discussion Groups: Topics in Education

February 25, 2024, 12 P.M. CST (U.S.) / 19.00 CET (Europe)

Pedagogy and Instruction Week

March 3, 2024, 12 P.M. CST (U.S.) / 19.00 CET (Europe)

Student and Parental Involvement

March 10, 2024, 12 P.M. CDT (U.S.) / 18.00 CET (Europe) *please note earlier start time for European participants

Supporting Diverse Learning Needs

March 17, 2024, 12 P.M. CDT (U.S.) / 18.00 CET (Europe) *please note earlier start time for European participants

Best of TED Intersession
TED 2022 participants
Clockwise from top left: 2022 Transatlantic Educators Dialogue (TED) program participants Hasret (Turkey); Antonia (Portugal); Anne-Sophie (France); and Andi (U.S.) with their TED t-shirts and certificates.
Here is what participants from the TED 2022 program had to say:

"TED has been an incredible opportunity to exchange with teachers from different countries. One of the great things about the way it is organized is that it can evolve with what the group needs. It has opened a whole new range of possibilities for me in terms of teaching practices and tools but I believe the strongest point about it is the community it builds with the perspective of working together beyond the few months of the weekly meetings. It is very refreshing to be able to exchange with people who are eager to learn and share about teaching methods and I know this experience will keep bearing fruit in the long run." - Anne-Sophie Saint-Sulpice (France)

"Since 2008, as eTwinner and co-coordinator of Erasmus projects,I discovered the benefits of collaboration with foreign teachers. This year I had a new opportunity, collaborate with teachers from Europe, but also from the United States,and it was amazing. I found very nice people, with open minds and willing to share, and learn, from each other. The TED Program must be treasured, because it brings to all participants outstanding experiences, and helps each of them to be better teachers. That happened to me." - Maria Antónia Brandão (Portugal)

"TED 2022 experience was a breath of fresh air for me  working and collaborating with inspiring peers from Europe and the USA. Getting to know teaching strategies and varied applications in other parts of the world, sharing good practices, bringing the world to my tiny computer screen each Sunday; TED programme was a powerful professional development. I believe teachers learn from each other and we will continue our strong bounds thanks to the programme. We’re a proud family!" - Hasret Katırcıoğlu (Turkey)

"Participating in the TED program has enriched both my professional and personal life. I have networked and made potential plans to co- present at a conference in France next summer. I realized that despite our different cultures we all have the same basic tenets for education... there are so many commonalities. I love that there is an alumni program to continue to collaborate with colleagues from around the world. I learned so much from the other participants... just as much as I shared. It wasn't a ton of extra work like I thought it might be. I am so glad I said yes to this program!" - Andrea Isabelli (USA)

How to participate in TED?

Apply online here.

For further information, please contact the TED Moderator, Dr. Rhett Oldham (

Sponsored by the European Union Center and College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The EU Center is a National Resource Center funded through the US Department of Education’s Title VI Grant and a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence funded through the European Union.