Class of 2013Students affiliated with the European Union Center come from all corners of the world. We have welcomed these bright scholars from as far as Brazil and Taiwan and as close as Chicago and Champaign. Our students come from a very wide range of backgrounds, all contributing their individualized knowledge to the field of EU Studies. Our highly flexible degree track allows all of our students to pursue a vast range of interdisciplinary topics in a variety of fields. After graduating, all of our students continue to use their knowledge of EU Studies to enhance transatlantic relations in the fields of business, law, heritage management,trade, governance, and many others. We are proud to host wonderful students each year who inspire each other and our staff to be top-notch leaders, intellectuals, professionals, and peers. We welcome applications from any individual who strives to broaden their mind, enhance their professional network, and work hard to advance our transatlantic partnerships and the field of EU Studies.class of 2014


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