Resources for Teaching

The European Union Center brings together faculty and students from diverse disciplines across campus to promote the study of the EU and transatlantic relations, Europe, and the peoples and languages within it, making it one of the most comprehensive EU centers in the US. The EUC is privileged to work with Center-affiliated faculty, many of whom are internationally-renowned experts in their fields, and many have earned recognition for their teaching. In different ways, the EUC has supported faculty at the U of I, as well as other institutions of higher education. Every year the EUC supports course development and scholarship through projects written into its grants, and it also is proud to offer different annual calls for small grants. The EUC also contributes to faculty development through its support for professional development in language instruction, as well as occasional unique initiatives such as its March 2020 workshop on virtual exchange (for more information on this particular event, please write to Jonathan Larson at

You can visit our Faculty page under our Directory tab to see a list of faculty currently affiliated with the EUC.

Please visit the link below to see recent annual calls for faculty funding opportunities sponsored by the Center through Title VI.