The European Union for Professionals


The European Union for Professionals has concluded its 2018 semester. Please return to this page in January 2019 for next year’s course!

Course Description


This eight-week asynchronous online course is intended to be a comprehensive introduction to the European Union, with a particular focus on providing its students with enough information to allow them to competitively apply for European Union grants and funding opportunities. The Europe Union for Professionals is intended for working professionals in the private business, education, media, non-profit, and think-tank sectors. This course is constructed according to a bottom-up design. The first two weeks will introduce students to the European Union, laying out its institutional contours and frequent challenges. The next three weeks then focus on the issues associated with American international education and international recruitment more broadly. These weeks contain frequent ties back to the European Union, and are intended to encourage students to explore areas where European-funded projects may be appropriate or lacking at their current institution. The course concludes with its final three weeks, which will be very practical in nature, focused very tightly on the details of European Union funding opportunities and where to find all of the required resources on the internet. In this section, students will have the opportunity to participate in a synchronous joint Skype Q&A with a member of the European Union Center at the University of Illinois. In this call, students will be able to ask questions directly to EU staff members directly involved in the grant making process.




In order to maintain an intimate class environment, enrollment for this course will be limited to the first forty students that complete the online application before the beginning of the course.


Where does The Europe Union for Professionals meet?


Participants can participate anywhere they are located, provided they have access to the internet. All lectures and lessons will take place asynchronously. All readings and lectures will be available through a shared course website called Moodle.


How much does The Europe Union for Professionals cost?


There is no application fee or tuition associated with The Europe Union for Professionals.


Can The Europe Union for Professionals be taken for credit?


For the Spring 2018 semester, The Europe Union for Professionals will not be offered for either University of Illinois credit or continuing education credit.

For further information, please contact the EUC Academic Coordinator, Dr. Neil Vander Most at

Sponsored by the European Union Center and funded through the European Commission’s Jean Monnet Program

The EU Center is a National Resource Center funded through the US Department of Educationís Title VI Grant and a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence funded through the European Union.