Model EU


The European Union Center’s award-winning Model European Union Program provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to learn about and simulate the inner workings of the European Union while attending conferences around the United States. The EU is becoming an increasingly important organization in the world and Model European Union provides students an ability to learn how bills are debated and passed. It is an excellent addition to any student studying or interested in European, International, or Political Studies.


Our yearly program comprises of two phases. In the fall, students attend EURO 199 – Contemporary Challenges Facing the European Union. In this course, students will learn about problems facing the European Union. This course concludes with an innovative final examination simulation that introduces students to the Model European Union Structure.


In the Spring, students have the opportunity to enroll in EURO 490 – Council of the European Union. In addition to learning about this important European institution, students will have the opportunity to attend at least one simulation in the Spring semester. These simulations are not only a great opportunity for students to learn about and catch up on current world issues, but they allow students to develop their research, debate, and public speaking skills. Further, students will be able to form valuable connections with students and faculty from other universities.


If you are an undergraduate student and would like to find out more about the Model EU or if you want to participate, contact the EU Center or our Academic Coordinator, Lucas Henry (


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