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Bryan Endres

Acting Director (2023-24)

Additional Campus Affiliations

Director, Bock Agricultural Law & Policy Program, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Professor, Russian, East European and Eurasian Center
Affiliate, Center for Social and Behavioral Science

Recent Publications

Endres, A. B., Guarino, J., & Nathani, N. (2023). Intellectual property exhaustion, breeder frustration, and hindered innovation: Reviewing U.S. organic corn seed development. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 12(4).

Endres, A. B., Andrade Laborde, J. E., Bohn, M. O., Formiga, A. K., Goldstein, W. A., Marriott, E. E., Ugarte, C. M., & Wander, M. M. (2022). Influence of the Seed Loophole and Bottleneck on Quantity and Quality of Organic Maize Seed in the U.S. Midwest. Frontiers in Agronomy, 4, Article 763974.

Bryan Endres, A., Endres, R., & Nižić, M. K. (2021). Restaurant disclosure of food allergens: Analysis and economic implications. Tourism and Hospitality Research, 21(2), 202-215.

Bryan Endres, A., & Endres, R. (2017). The European Union, Agriculture, and the Tropics: Public Financial Incentives to Enhance Food Security and Expansion of Production Contracts. Tropical Conservation Science, 10.

Endres, A. B., & Schlessinger, L. R. (2016). Legal Solutions to Wicked Problems in Agriculture: Public-Private Cooperative Weed Management Structures as a Sustainable Approach to Herbicide Resistance. Texas A&M Law Review, 3, 827-852.

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