The European Union Center brings together faculty and students from diverse disciplines across campus to promote the study of the EU and Transatlantic Relations, making it one of the most comprehensive EU centers in the U.S. The EUC offers the only Master of Arts in European Union Studies (MAEUS) program in North America, with a five-year BA/MA track in collaboration with Europe-oriented degrees in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences for current undergraduates at the University of Illinois. The EUC also offers a Graduate Minor in EU Studies for students enrolled in graduate programs from other departments who wish to demonstrate a specialization in Europe or the European Union. The EUC offers a range of graduate and undergraduate courses in EU Studies under the EURO rubric; strong connections with European partner universities for study abroad and internship opportunities; FLAS fellowships for academic year and summer; and pre-professional opportunities such as the Model EU competition and Schuman Challenge; and engagements with the consular corps, government officials, and private sector, trade, and business representatives.

Please see the following pages for more information on student resources available for the EUC student community:

  • FLAS Fellowships: Language-learning fellowships for graduate and undergraduate students, funded through the US Department of Education.
  • Graduate College Assistantships Clearinghouse: A frequently-updated list of assistantships available to graduate students across campus
  • Immersive Learning: Activities such as study abroad and simulations designed to deepen understanding through experiential learning.
  • EU Delegation to the United States: The embassy of the European Union in Washington DC. This organization offers semester-long paid traineeships in transatlantic relations.
  • EU Parliament Liaison Office: The EU Parliament operates an office in Washington DC, with internship and traineeship opportunities for college students.
  • Traineeship opportunities through the European Union: Traineeships are available for students and recent graduates from nearly every EU institution and office location. Use this website to find out what is available.
  • Study Abroad Office: The University of Illinois has study abroad programs in twenty European nations.
  • University of Illinois Career Center is an on-campus program to assist students in professional development and post-university success. The Career Center can help you with applications, resumes, CVs, internship and job search strategies, and much more.
  • Consular Corps of Chicago: Over 80 nations globally have career or honorary consulates in Chicago, including 37 European nations. Contact info for the consuls are available at this website.
  • World Business Chicago is a public-private development agency that functions as an international chamber of commerce. Internships for students are available through the agency.
  • The Schuman Challenge is an annual foreign affairs competition held by the Delegation of the EU to the United States. The University of Illinois team is coached by university faculty with the assistance of EUC staff, and policy initiatives are presented to experts in the field at the EU Delegation in Washington, DC.

Additional resources can be found in our Student Handbook.