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Richard J Brazee

Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Associate Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Associate Professor, Center for Global Studies

Recent Publications

Brazee, R. J., & Nyrud, A. Q. (2020). Significance of “Aus der Holzzuwachslehre” and the Pressler Indicator Rate Formula: A Continuing Discussion1). Allgemeine Forst- und Jagdzeitung, 190(11-12), 266-269.

Deegen, P., Brazee, R. J., & Kuusela, O. P. (2020). The Sixth International Faustmann Symposium: The mathematical way of thinking continues to yield. Forest Policy and Economics, 120, Article 102298.

Brazee, R. J. (2018). Impacts of declining discount rates on optimal harvest age and land expectation values. Journal of Forest Economics, 31, 27-38.

Brazee, R., & Mendelsohn, R. (2018). Timber harvesting with fluctuating prices. In Economics of Forestry (pp. 175-188). Taylor and Francis Inc..

Heimlich, R. E., Carey, M. B., & Brazee, R. J. (2017). Beyond swampbuster: A permanent wetland reserve. In The Economics of Agri-Environmental Policy (Vol. 2, pp. 299-304). Taylor and Francis.

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