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Cornelia C Otnes

Professor Emerita

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor Emerita, Business Administration
Research Professor, Business Administration

Recent Publications

Sreekumar, A., Arias, R. A., Otnes, C. C., & Zayer, L. T. (2023). Shining the spotlight on marketplace rituals: a review and research agenda. Journal of Marketing Management, 39(13-14), 1166-1196.

Matson-Barkat, S., Robert-Demontrond, P., & Otnes, C. (2022). From Plate to Place: The Role of Restaurant Servicescapes in the Development of Tourists' Place Meanings in Brittany, France. Tourism Recreation Research, 47(3), 316-331.

Epp, A. M., & Otnes, C. C. (2021). High-Quality Qualitative Research: Getting Into Gear. Journal of Service Research, 24(2), 163-167.

Maclaran, P., & Otnes, C. C. (2020). "We'll never be royals" - or will we? Exploring Meghan Markle's impact on the british royal family brand. In Realms of Royalty: New Directions in Researching Contemporary European Monarchies (pp. 29-45). Transcript-Verlag.

Tsarenko, Y., Strizhakova, Y., & Otnes, C. C. (2019). Reclaiming the Future: Understanding Customer Forgiveness of Service Transgressions. Journal of Service Research, 22(2), 139-155.

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