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Sandy Dall'Erba


Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Director of Graduate Studies, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Director of Graduate Recruiting & Admissions, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Professor, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Recent Publications

Ayala García, J., Dall’erba, S., & Ridley, W. C. (2023). The impact and externalities of natural disasters on local tax revenue in Colombia. Regional Studies, 57(5), 857-867.

Nava, N. J., Ridley, W., & Dall'erba, S. (2023). A model of the U.S. food system: What are the determinants of the state vulnerabilities to production shocks and supply chain disruptions? Agricultural Economics (United Kingdom), 54(1), 95-109.

Ayala-García, J., & Dall'Erba, S. (2022). The impact of preemptive investment on natural disasters. Papers in Regional Science, 101(5), 1087-1103.

Gao, X., Dall'erba, S., Ellison, B., Avelino, A. F. T., & Yang, C. (2022). When one cannot bypass the byproducts: Plastic packaging waste embedded in production and export. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 26(4), 1460-1474.

Kekezi, O., Dall’erba, S., & Kang, D. (2022). The role of interregional and inter-sectoral knowledge spillovers on regional knowledge creation across US metropolitan counties. Spatial Economic Analysis, 17(3), 291-310.

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