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William C Sullivan


Research Interests

How do landscapes that we design, especially urban landscapes, impact the health and wellbeing of people? My students and I examine this question by measuring exposure to varying landscapes -- the level of green infrastructure in neighborhoods, or the amount of nature on campuses, or the density of vegetation in urban spaces. We measure the impact of these places on people’s hormones, heart rates, brain waves, psychological states, and ability to pay attention.

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Landscape Architecture
Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Professor, Human Development and Family Studies

Recent Publications

Jiang, X., Wang, X., He, L., Gu, Q., Wei, X., Xu, M., & Sullivan, W. C. (2024). Effects of virtual exposure to urban greenways on mental health. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 15, Article 1256897.

Xu, W., Jiang, B., Sullivan, W. C., Webster, C., Lu, Y., Chen, N., Yu, Z., & Chen, B. (2024). Racial disparities in environmental exposures and SARS-CoV-2 infection rates: A detailed population-weighted analysis. Sustainable Cities and Society, 101, Article 105135.

XU, W., WANG, H., SU, H., SULLIVAN, W. C., LIN, G., PRYOR, M., & JIANG, B. (2024). Impacts of sights and sounds on anxiety relief in the high-density city. Landscape and Urban Planning, 241, Article 104927.

Jiang, X., Hu, Y., Larsen, L., Chang, C. Y., & Sullivan, W. C. (2023). Impacts of urban green infrastructure on attentional functioning: insights from an fMRI study. Frontiers in Psychology, 14, Article 1047993.

Suppakittpaisarn, P., Wu, C. C., Tung, Y. H., Yeh, Y. C., Wanitchayapaisit, C., Browning, M. H. E. M., Chang, C. Y., & Sullivan, W. C. (2023). Durations of virtual exposure to built and natural landscapes impact self-reported stress recovery: evidence from three countries. Landscape and Ecological Engineering, 19(1), 95-105.

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