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Zsuzsanna Fagyal

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Contact Information

University of Illinois
Dept. of French and Italian, MC-158
2090 Foreign Languages Building
707 S. Mathews Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801
Office: 2130 Foreign Languages Building



Linguistics (Sciences du Langage), Ph.D., University of Paris III, Sorbonne Nouvelle
Russian and Slavic Languages, M.A., ELTE, Eötvös Loránd University
French and Romance Languages, M.A., ELTE, Eötvös Loránd University
European Union Studies, Graduate Minor, European Union Center, University of Nancy II, France

Additional Campus Affiliations

Head, French and Italian
Professor, French and Italian
Professor, Linguistics

Recent Publications

Fagyal, Z. (2022). Monolingualism vs. Multilingualism in Western Europe: Language Regimes in France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. In S. Mufwene, & A. M. Escobar (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Language Contact: Volume 2: Multilingualism in Population Structure (Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics). Cambridge University Press.

Fagyal, Z. (2022). Old and New in Language Variation in French Digital Media: A Commentary. Journal of French Language Studies, 32(2), 267-271.

MacDonald, J. E., Fagyal, Z., Beristain, A., & Turner, R. (2022). Introduction to RLLT 18. Isogloss, 8(4).

Fagyal, Z. (2021). Review: K. Chenoweth's The prosthetic tongue: Printing technology and the rise of the French language. Language in Society, 50(3), 482-483.

Fagyal, Z. (2021). Review: N. Peter's Gascon et français chez les Israélites d’Aquitaine : documents et inventaire lexical. Journal of French Language Studies, 31(1), 109-110.

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