Info on Registration

FEL XXV Registration Fees

Registration opens on August 2nd

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The registration fees cover coffee-break snacks during session intermissions, three lunches, the welcoming dinner (December 16th), and activities of the social program for all registered participants, and not for the accompanying persons. Accompanying persons pay separately.

The registration fees do not cover lodging or transportation. Payments for the official dinner (Dec. 18th) and the excursion (Dec. 19th) will be made directly on the conference site. 

According to your category below, you pay registration fees and membership fees during the registration process, once the registration opens on Aug. 02.

The conference proceedings (selected papers – peer reviewed and not – and reports from the field) will be available during the conference in book form as a QSPA publication. QSPA will cover the book costs for all the registered contributors.

Categories of registration fees for conference participants

Note: For presenters who will not be able to come because of pandemic travel restrictions, we will arrange a parallel online mode to connect them in real-time with the conference participants. Online participants (presenters and listeners)  pay 15 pounds if they are FEL members. FEL membership is required for all virtual attendees. 

A) Full fee registration – 128 gbp

Applicable to those who attend the conference and who are not signed up as FEL members for the year 2022 when they register.

B) FEL member registration, with a special discount

Applicable to all those who attend the conference and who are signed up as FEL members for the calendar year 2022. Participants can sign up as new FEL members or renew their existing or past FEL membership for 2022 when they register for the conference and are immediately eligible for the special discount and for all other membership benefits in the remainder of 2021.

Within this category we distinguish three different registration fees (see B1, B2 and B3 below), according to the type of FEL membership.

See for more information about FEL membership types.

B1) Solidarity Member registration – 30 gbp

Applicable to FEL Solidarity Members. FEL Solidarity Membership is free, and available to people resident in countries OTHER than USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, UK, Saudi Arabia or Arab Emirates, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or European Union.

B2) Concession Member registration – 30 gbp

Applicable to FEL Concession Members. FEL Concession membership is available to full-time students and unemployed or retired people. The annual membership fee is 19 gbp.

B3) Other FEL Member registration – 60 gbp

Applicable to all other FEL membership types, such as Regular Membership (annual fee is 34 gbp), Honorary Membership, and Corporate Memberships.

C) Free registration

Applicable to organizers, local students, special guests, and invited speakers.

Registration is required for all participants and attendees.