EUC Affiliate Cynthia Buckley Publishes Article on Ukraine and Health Security in Georgetown Journal of International Affairs



The intensity of Ukrainian popular resistance to the Russian invasion and their support of the Zelenskyy government continue to stymy the Russian invasion and impress the global community. Yet, the strength of this "rally round the flag" effect must not obscure areas marked dissatisfaction before the war, like healthcare. How do pre-existing healthcare issues amplify the effects of the continued war, mass population displacement, and infrastructural damage? In "Conflict in the Time of COVID-19: Prioritizing Ukraine’s Health Security," EU Center affiliate Cynthia Buckley explores the potential for the enhanced international efforts to secure transport corridors, provide aid, expertise, and material assistance to the healthcare sector can fulfill strategic and humanitarian goals, serving the rare trifecta of political, tactical, and moral objectives. Read the article in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs here.