Faculty Funding

European Union Center’s Call for Grant Applications

The European Union Center welcomes applications for EUC Professional Development Grants for the second half of AY 2021-22 (deadline: Jan. 17, 2022). This call continues the spirit of past calls to support research travel or to present a paper at an academic conference. Recognizing that such travel may not be happening, we invite University of Illinois faculty to submit proposals for registration fees for conference presentations or for workshops that offer training directly relevant to their teaching and research at the university. We can provide funding of up to $500 the latter such participation, with the stipulation that it be completed by August 15, 2022. We expect to offer multiple awards in each category, depending in part on the individual amounts requested and awarded. This professional development grant is funded by our multi-year US Department of Education Title VI grant.  

Below are examples of CfPs from previous years:

For UI Faculty:

Research Assistant Support CfP [pdf]

Above is the CfP for a grant to hire a Summer 2021 research assistant.

Travel Grant CfP [pdf]

Above is the CfP for the travel grant from Spring 2020.

Course Development Grant CfP [pdf]

This grant is typically issued annually. Above is an example of the CfP for the course development grant from previous years.

For UI College of Education Faculty:

Here are examples of grants offered for the UI College of Education faculty from previous years.

Course Development Grant CfP [pdf]

Event Programming Grant CfP [pdf]

For Regional Faculty Colleagues at Community Colleges (CC) & Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) in the Midwest:

Here are examples of grants offered for Faculty Colleagues at Community Colleges and MSIs in the Midwest from previous years:

Course Development Grant CfP [pdf]

Travel Grant CfP [pdf]

Event Programming Grant CfP [pdf]

The previous Grant application form (for all grants) can be found here [pdf]

For any questions, please email eucenter@illinois.edu.