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Carla Santos

Carla Santos is the Head of the Department of Recreation, Sport, and Tourism.

What is the focus of your current work and/or subject of your current research?

My research program is focused on the examination of communicative practices (from mass mediated narratives to interpersonal communication) as a means of addressing the socio-political and cultural impact of tourism on the world’s people and cultures. Central to my research, and a source of inspiration for my theoretical work, is the notion that to understand the impact of tourism we have to explore the ways in which we talk about and make sense of destinations and hosts.

Do you have any recent awards, honors, or publications that you would like to highlight?

In 2020 I was inducted into the Leisure Sciences Academy.

What is a book (academic or non-academic, in or outside your field) that you think should be more widely read?

Ed Brunner's Culture on Tour and John Urry's The Tourist Gaze.

Is there any additional information or advice you'd like to share?

Take advantage of what it means to be at Illinois; this time will go by fast. There are lots of opportunities to make a difference, get engaged. Make it a goal to attend at least 1 talk a semester that has nothing to do with your research or coursework.