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Angelina Sandora

Angelina is a current student in the MAEUS program with an expected graduation date of 2024. 

What are your research or academic interests?

My academic interests are migration, the far right, Italy , and European Integration to list a few.

Please list any awards or honors you've received while in the MAEUS/grad minor program (FLAS, Fulbright, scholarships, etc...)

Grad College Fellowship FLAS

Why did you choose to pursue an MA or a graduate minor in European Union studies?

I choose to pursue an MA as I always wanted to get further into research and liked the interdisciplinary style of MAEUS program at UIUC and I am so glad I came here. I have had good mentorship and other opportunities come out of here.

For MAEUS students only: What is your favorite thing about the MAEUS program?

I like the freedom to take a variety of courses of my own choosing in different topics that I am interested in.

Do you have a favorite graduate class you've taken at Illinois?

ANTH 488- Anthropology of Modern Europe with Jessica Greenberg