We strive to record as many events as we can and share the recordings publicly. We are currently working on providing closed captioning for all of the videos.

Former MEP Conversation Series - Stefan Gehrold


Former MEP Conversation Series - Julie Ward


SMAART Symposium: Nuclear Energy, Economy, and Democracy: The European Policy Debates


Former MEP Conversation Series - Eva Lichtenberger


NGOs at Work in Ukraine: Spotlight on Soleterre


Former MEP Conversation Series - Hans-Olaf Henkel


What is the Future of the Island of Ireland after Brexit?


Designing a Gender-Equal City: Perspectives from Vienna, Barcelona, and France


Growing Financial Literacy / Global Understanding through Group Dynamics & Social Interaction
20th Annual European Union Day Keynote: "Academic Freedom in Europe: Threats Within and Without"


The Australian Arms Affair: Assessing the Impact of Competition in Asia for U.S.-European Relations
Teachers' Well-Being and Resilience


How Do You Like My Work? Children with Special Needs in Education: Characteristics and Challenges 


Why is Roma Education Still Separate and Unequal?: Employing Dis/Crit to Explain the Enduring Overrepresentation of “Gypsies” in Special Education