Degree Requirements

Required Courses Thesis Option Required Hours Exam Option Required Hours
EURO 500 2-8 2-8
EURO 501 and EURO 502 8 8
Language Requirement: A candidate must demonstrate proficiency in a language of the European Union, other than English, at the advanced (third-year) level. Up to seven hours of advanced language (third or fourth-year) course work may be used toward the MA total hours. Max 7 Max 7
Thesis Hours Required: (min/max applied towards degree): 0-8 **
Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall: 12 12
Total Hours 36 36


Other Requirements: **For the exam option, one substantial research paper on a European topic as part of course work, when relevant to the candidate’s professional orientation, is required. Students opting for the exam option will also take a hybrid written and oral exam in the final term. For students pursuing the thesis option, no exam is required beyond a successful thesis defense and deposit.

Coursework must come from at least three different academic units. Up to twelve hours may be credited for MA-equivalent study abroad courses or eight hours for internship placement.

For more information, please contact Coordinator of Academic Programs, Lucas Henry at

or consult the European Union Studies MA Handbook.