Required Courses Thesis Option Required Hours Exam Option Required Hours
EURO 500 2-8 2-8
EURO 501 and EURO 502 8 8
Language Requirement: A candidate must demonstrate proficiency in a language of the European Union, other than English, at the advanced (third-year) level. Up to seven hours of advanced language (third or fourth-year) course work may be used toward the MA total hours. Max 7 Max 7
Thesis Hours Required: (min/max applied towards degree): 0-8 **
Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall: 12 12
Total Hours 36 36


Other Requirements: **For the exam option, one substantial research paper on a European topic as part of course work, when relevant to the candidate’s professional orientation, is required. Students opting for the exam option will also take a hybrid written and oral exam in the final term. For students pursuing the thesis option, no exam is required beyond a successful thesis defense and deposit.

Coursework must come from at least three different academic units. Up to twelve hours may be credited for MA-equivalent study abroad courses or eight hours for internship placement.

For more information, please contact the EU Center Associate Director Markian Dobczansky at or consult the European Union Studies MA Handbook.