Illinois Global ScholarThe Illinois Global Scholar Program is a state-wide initiative meant to bring global competence via a globally-infused curriculum to Illinois secondary school students. It was started by a state-wide coalition of educators and stakeholders, including the European Union Center at the University of Illinois.

This coalition is responsible for the creation of the Illinois Global Scholars Certificate. This standards-aligned certification was codified in to state law by the Illinois State Board of Education in 2016 and is awarded to students that demonstrate global understanding following their completion of the Illinois Global Scholar requirements. This certification can be affixed to the students’ transcripts or diplomas and/or submitted to colleges and universities as evidence of a student’s global-mindedness. The minimum requirements for the certification are:

  • 8 globally-focused courses in a variety of disciplines
  • At least one sustained and globally-focused service learning experience
  • At least one global collaboration/dialogue experience
  • Completion of the Illinois Global Scholar Performance-based Assessment (Capstone).

Along with being an active stakeholder, The European Union Center along with the area studies centers at the University of Illinois host the Illinois Global Scholar Student Summit.

The Illinois Global Scholar Program is excited to expand to new school districts. If you would like to learn more about program, please read the pdfs below, visit the Illinois Global Scholar website or contact the EU Center at You can also watch this video on the benefits and basic requirements of the program.

Teacher Information (pdf)

Student Information (pdf)