Since 2005, the European Union Center has organized in-person and virtual summer curriculum workshops designed for K-12 and community college educators to develop a more effective curriculum on the European Union. These materials may be incorporated into a variety of courses, such as foreign language, world geography, world cultures, world/US history, politics, economics, science, and business. While all K-16 educators are welcome, the curriculum materials are geared mainly towards high school and community college education.

Our summer curriculum workshops include a mix of lectures and active sessions presented by university faculty, experienced K-12 teachers, and museum staff. Illinois K-12 teachers are eligible to receive ISBE Professional Development Hours (PDH). All participants receive a certificate of completion indicating the number of workshop hours. 

Funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant

To learn more about the type of sessions and content that these workshops offer, please see previous years' workshop schedules below.

Past Workshops
If you want additional information on a specific workshop or are interested in seeing the schedules of workshops prior to 2009, please contact the EUC at

2023 Workshop: "Teaching about Sustainability in Europe through Smart Cities"
2022 Workshop: "War, Peace, and the EU"
2021 Workshop: "Teaching the European Green Deal: Science, Economics, Policy"
2020 Workshop: "From Conflict to Peace: The EU Explained"
2013 Workshop: “The Timeless Mediterranean and the New European Union: Transnational Spaces and Integration”
2012 Workshop: “Food & Energy Security and Sustainability”
2011 Workshop: “Immigration and European Integration”
2010 Workshop: “Islam in Europe”
2009 Workshop: “How Does the European Union Work?”