K-14 Opportunities



The EUC is proud to offer public school teachers a menu of options for their professional development and integration of material on Europe and international affairs into their teaching. Join us for our public events, professional development workshops, competitions for students, and many other programs.

Below are our signature K-14 programs:

  • The Illinois Global Scholar Program is a state-wide initiative meant to bring global competence via a globally-infused curriculum to Illinois secondary school students.  This program includes a student summit, typically hosted in November.
  • TED (Transatlantic Educators Dialogue): educators in the US and the EU come together online to explore issues of identity and difference in the classroom. This program is a great way to develop connections abroad and learn how to use technology to enrich your classes with intercultural connections.
  • TED Alumni Program: a moderated space for past participants in the TED program to develop ideas for lessons and other curricular collaborations.
  • Summer Curriculum Development Workshop: develop a more effective K-12 and community college curriculum on the EU.
  • Teacher’s Corner: Resources for teaching on Europe, including online resources housed in the University of Illinois library system and other resources on the EUC website, including video interviews with experts.
  • Occasional subsidized opportunities for teachers to travel to Europe in the context of a university-organized learning program.
  • Euro Challenge: high schools students (grades 9 & 10) learn about the EU and the euro.

If you would like to join our mailing list to learn about upcoming opportunities, would like to have a Center expert speak in your classroom, or have any questions, please contact the EUC at eucenter@illinois.edu.