Undergraduate Programs

The European Union Center supports rich opportunities for undergraduate students to learn about the European Union, Europe, and European languages and cultures in several ways.

In some cases, the EU Center operates behind the scenes. This includes providing funds to departments and facilitating connections to support course developmentas well as providing student opportunities abroad through university offices such as IAGE and LAS International Programs. The EU Center also regularly sponsors undergraduate course on a wide range of topics under a “EURO” designationUndergraduates are very welcome to meet us at the many EU Center sponsored and co-sponsored talks and events during the semester — many of which are directly related to the content of undergraduate courses — and enhance their understanding of world events, languages, and cultures through several activities that specifically seek undergraduate participation.

As a U.S. Department of Education Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) fellowship-granting center, the EU Center provides around 5-10 undergraduate students every year with financial support intended to free up student time for academic-year and intensive summer language study, both domestically and abroad. For student perspectives, please see the EUC blogAdditionally, the EU Center sponsors the simulation/game-based University of Illinois Model EU Team and the Schuman Challenge Team in competitions that can extend beyond campusStudents also have the opportunity to gain experience writing about topics of academic and professional interest for the EUC blog. Some of our recent student EUC Blog contributions include a student's account of her study abroad experience in Jordan and student perspectives included in a country-by-country blog series on COVID-19 in Europe.

For students thinking about taking their interests in Europe and international affairs to the next level, the EUC's 5 Year BA/MA program allows students majoring in partner departments to supplement their Bachelor’s degree with an accelerated-track Master’s degree in European Union Studies (MAEUS).The EUC’s MAEUS program is integral to the life of the center and the roles that it plays on campus and in the world.