Transatlantic Educators Dialogue (TED) Alumni Program – Spring 2019

February 17 – May 5, 2019



Application deadline: January 18, 2019

What is the TED Alumni Program?

TED represents a unique experience in educational diplomacy and facilitates the exploration of new and diverse cultures. It is also a fantastic chance to build networks with European colleagues and foster global learning opportunities.


The Transatlantic Educators Dialogue (TED) Alumni Program is an opportunity for educators that have participated in any of the previous  9 cohorts of TED to return and further collaborate with their transatlantic peers. Teacher’s that have not previously participated in the TED Program are ineligible for the alumni program but are encouraged to apply to this year’s regular program (click here for more information).

Where does the TED Alumni Program meet?

Participants can participate anywhere they are located, provided they have access to the internet. Weekly sessions are synchronous and collaboration groups will decide as a group how to best meet and work asynchronously.

Synchronous sessions take place weekly for ninety minutes using Blackboard Collaborate. This online application enables registered participants to simultaneously communicate with classmates by using microphones connected to their computers, typing into a shared chat-rooms, contributing notes on a “chalkboard” tool, and using webcams and other capabilities to upload videos and picture images. Technical support for the program is provided by the University of Illinois, College of Education.

Using Moodle, participants can share resources with other participants, post comments on topic-specific forums, and send messages to other participants.

Participants will be meeting on-line once a week for 90 minutes: Sundays (February 17 —May 5, 2019) 11:00-12:30 pm (U.S. Central Time Zone), 4:00-5:30 pm (Greenwich Mean Time). April 21 — no class.

How is the alumni program different than the regular program?

  • Alumni program is intended to be a collaboration workshop in which educators develop their own projects in self-selected groups, work on those projects throughout the program, and periodically update the full alumni cohort on your group project.

  • Rather than being focused on discrete predetermined weekly topics, each week’s synchronous section will be be focused on the continuing group collaborations. The structure of weekly sessions will be have the majority of scheduled time with participants working in small groups but also include some time for full group discussions.

  • Group collaboration projects can include, but are not limited to: student-to-student interactions, collaborative curricular development, student or teacher exchange programs, and developing teacher professional development programming. TED alumni are encouraged to bring their own ideas and help shape the content of the weekly sessions.

  • All educators are encouraged to provide feedback, support, and suggestions on group projects of which they are not directly involved.

Will I earn professional development credit for participating in the TED Alumni Program?

  • Upon successful completion, all participants will receive a Certification of Completion. Available to all participants (U.S. and European) upon successful completion of the program.

  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hour (PDH) from the University of Illinois are available for interested participants. Available to all interested U.S. participants. Up to 30 non-credit Professional Development Hours (PDH) for Illinois teachers (Up to 3.0 Non-credit University of Illinois Continuing Education Units (CEU) for 30 contact hours for non-Illinois teachers to register for professional development credit in their home states)

How much does the TED Alumni Program cost?

There is no application fee for TED. Please submit your application using the online application form available here.


TED Alumni proposed weekly session schedule

  • 15 minutes – Full group brainstorming session on a general topic related to collaborative projects

  • 60 minutes – Small group collaboration time

  • 15 minutes – Full group share out time

TED Alumni Schedule of Sessions (with proposed brainstorming topic listed)

Session 1 February 17 Orientation & Introductions
Session 2 February 24 Finding partners/brainstorming projects
Session 3 March 3 Working Collaboratively
Session 4 March 10 Communication Platforms
Session 5 March 17 Evaluating Success
Session 6 March 24 Funding Sources
Session 7 March 31 Student Interactions
Session 8 April 7
Positive Publicity
Session 9 April 14 Maintaining Partnerships
April 21 No Class
Session 10 April 28 Share out project progress/ideas
Session 11 May 5 Share out project progress/ideas

How to participate in the TED Alumni Program?


If you have questions about the program or would like additional information, please contact the TED Alumni Program Moderator, Jennifer Smith, at


Sponsored by the European Union Center and College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The EU Center is a National Resource Center funded through the US Department of Education’s Title VI Grant and a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence funded through the European Union.